Sidewinder: Recoiled

Winner of the 2004 ENnie Gold award for Best Electronic Product, Sidewinder: Recoiled captures the cinematic action and adventure of your favorite western movies, TV shows and novels using this complete set of rules based on the d20 Modern system. Create courageous gunslingers, low-down rustlers or high-stakes gamblers and test your mettle out on the frontier.

Product ID: DHR1000
Authors: Bradley W. Hindman, Geoff Spakes, Christopher S. Warner
Contributing Authors: Eric Burns, Thomas L. Gregory
Senior Editor: Thomas L. Gregory
Cover, Artwork Selection and Layout: Karl Keesler

e23 PDF Version
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Green Ronin Softcover
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Weighing in at nearly 300 pages, this comprehensive volume contains 19 advanced classes, new feats and skills, a veritable stockade of new weaponry suited for the western frontier, and all the SRD rules you need to play. Feast your eyes on 25 new feats, complete combat rules specifically adapted for western adventure, sample characters, background information for your campaign, critter descriptions and statistics and much more.

Strap on your hoglegs, saddle up, and pull your hat down low. You're fixin' to ride into the REAL Wild West of Sidewinder: Recoiled.

What gamers and reviewers are saying...

"I've only had a chance, really to skim it, but my first impression is... FREAKIN' WOW!

294 pages... (including covers)..
The action really starts on page 24, and ends on page 279... That's well over 250 pages of good solid stuff... Feats, Skills (new uses for existing feats and skills, too), Classes, alternate wealth system, equipment, everyday critters, NPCs, setting information, and more... I'm going to say, right now, that it's worth the price. If you dig Old West, and D20 Modern... get it... No need to even debate it..."

C. Baize at ENWorld forums...

"Green Ronin and Dog House Rules have a lot to be proud of here and I want to see more Sidewinder Recoiled products. While Deadlands can hold the fantasy West, Sidewinder Recoiled handles the real deal with great aplomb and is one of the understated products of the past 6 months."

Bruce Boughner at d20 Magazine Rack review



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Character Sheet
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Errata for original Sidewinder: Recoiled PDF and POD.

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(Melissa Piper) 18 out of 20
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(Bruce Boughner) A
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(Curt Meyer) 3.5 out of 5
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